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Welcome to the to SUN!

My name is Elina.

My mission is to bring to your family the best designs this wonderful planet has to offer, to help create an unforgettable, nurturing, beautiful and often magical childhood in these busy modern times.

I invest my time carefully in selecting and curating everything at DRAW ME A SUN – no fillers here. The collection here grows slowly, conscientiously with a dedication to a truly inspired childhood.

DRAW ME A SUN is a small business inspired and oriented towards nature and people. Nature is my primary inspiration and I actively strive to resolve environmental problems and promote conservation efforts. The main goal of DRAW ME A SUN is to make people better by educating them for a quality life! With my seemingly simple drawings of smiling animals I try to shine a small beam of light on your darkest days. I believe in the bright future of our species and the great gifts we will leave for our children!

Together, we plant a tree with every sale!